This update is long overdue. I’m not gonna waste much time and get to the point.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer in January and passed away in June of 2015. During that period we were in the middle of releasing our biggest release to date. The Turnstile “Nonstop Feeling” LP. Since my mom was located in Germany I was basically gone for 6-7 months and thankfully had people helping me back home in the states at ReaperHQ. Without Braden, Tom and Guav and also Turnstile’s teamwork I couldn’t have gotten things done for sure. Except for a few delays shipping pre-orders, we pulled it off and I wanna my express my sincere thank you again to the people mentioned above and Turnstile for making it all happen.

Since then a year has gone by and we had a couple of other great records come out. Overall though I slowed things down quite a lot and have been busy restructuring things here at the label. We moved our little “warehouse” from the 500 square foot basement of my house to a cool location downtown. We moved in with our friends from the Merchery, a cool company ran by local skate and hardcore kids. We also have been working on a better webstore that will hopefully make our customers happier since our old one was kinda limited in its function.

Otherwise we are working on repressing certain releases that haven’t been in press for a little while, expect more info via our social media spots soon.

Rumor has it that Sheer Terror is writing new material. As of now its unclear for what exactly so stay tuned for more updates on that end.

As always we are grateful to everyone that supports the label past, future and presently. I am extremely proud of everything we have accomplished; and you are a huge part, by buying our releases, in helping us to do our thing and continuously putting out records by bands we like. Reaper Records has always taken pride in the fact that we don’t put out bands that sell but bands we can stand behind, not only musically but also on a personal level and we will keep continuing that until the day we call it

Into the future.

Patrick / Reaper Records