Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll! BLACK FRIDAY SALE

Everyone here at headquarters wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone has their belly full and enjoying themselves with friends and family. A lot of people we know have lost loved ones this year and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones. Stay safe and take care of each other.

Couple things…

  • We got a nice little Black Friday sale set up! Go to the webstore and use the code “NATIVEAMERICAN” to get 20% off all items except for pre orders.

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  • Just in time for X-Mas we gonna have a bunch of represses in. Make sure to grab the new color ways to keep the collection complete. Sure enough its something we enjoy ourselves here at RR HQ. Whats more fun than collecting records? 🙂

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  • The Terror reissues have been delayed to due to pressing plant issues, followed by customs delays and to top things off the big snowstorm across the North Eastern part the USA that delayed the shipment even more. As of yesterday we were told that everything will be at Reaper HQ Monday December 1st and will start shipping right away… Again our apologies for the delay and a big thank you to everyone that didn’t write us emails filled with HATE, Ha! – Its hard to understand but pressing plants aren’t the easiest to deal with, especially since vinyl made such strong comeback in the last few years… Again we thank everyone for their patience and loyal support…

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